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accept(List<Span>, Callback<Void>) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector
acceptSpans(byte[], Callback<Void>) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector
acceptSpans(byte[], BytesDecoder<Span>, Callback<Void>) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector
ALWAYS_SAMPLE - Static variable in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorSampler


boundary() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorSampler
build() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector.Builder
build() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorComponent.Builder
Builder() - Constructor for class zipkin2.collector.CollectorComponent.Builder
bytes() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics


clear() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
Collector - Class in zipkin2.collector
This component takes action on spans received from a transport.
Collector.Builder - Class in zipkin2.collector
CollectorComponent - Class in zipkin2.collector
The collector represents the server-side of a transport.
CollectorComponent() - Constructor for class zipkin2.collector.CollectorComponent
CollectorComponent.Builder - Class in zipkin2.collector
CollectorMetrics - Interface in zipkin2.collector
Instrumented applications report spans over a transport such as Kafka.
CollectorSampler - Class in zipkin2.collector
CollectorSampler decides if a particular trace should be "sampled", i.e.
CollectorSampler() - Constructor for class zipkin2.collector.CollectorSampler
create(float) - Static method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorSampler


forTransport(String) - Method in interface zipkin2.collector.CollectorMetrics
Those who wish to partition metrics by transport can call this method to include the transport type in the backend metric key.
forTransport(String) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics


incrementBytes(int) - Method in interface zipkin2.collector.CollectorMetrics
Increments the number of bytes containing serialized spans in a message.
incrementBytes(int) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
incrementMessages() - Method in interface zipkin2.collector.CollectorMetrics
Increments count of messages received, which contain 0 or more spans.
incrementMessages() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
incrementMessagesDropped() - Method in interface zipkin2.collector.CollectorMetrics
Increments count of messages that could not be read.
incrementMessagesDropped() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
incrementSpans(int) - Method in interface zipkin2.collector.CollectorMetrics
Increments the count of spans read from a successful message.
incrementSpans(int) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
incrementSpansDropped(int) - Method in interface zipkin2.collector.CollectorMetrics
Increments the count of spans dropped for any reason.
incrementSpansDropped(int) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
InMemoryCollectorMetrics - Class in zipkin2.collector
InMemoryCollectorMetrics() - Constructor for class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
isSampled(String, boolean) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorSampler
Returns true if spans with this trace ID should be recorded to storage.


messages() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
messagesDropped() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
metrics(CollectorMetrics) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector.Builder
metrics(CollectorMetrics) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorComponent.Builder
Aggregates and reports collection metrics to a monitoring system.


newBuilder(Class<?>) - Static method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector
Needed to scope this to the correct logging category
NOOP_METRICS - Static variable in interface zipkin2.collector.CollectorMetrics


sampler(CollectorSampler) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector.Builder
sampler(CollectorSampler) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorComponent.Builder
samples spans to reduce load on the storage system.
spans() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
spansDropped() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.InMemoryCollectorMetrics
start() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorComponent
Starts the server-side of the transport, typically listening or looking up a queue.
storage(StorageComponent) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.Collector.Builder
storage(StorageComponent) - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorComponent.Builder
Once spans are sampled, they are SpanConsumer.accept(List) queued for storage} using this component.


toString() - Method in class zipkin2.collector.CollectorSampler


zipkin2.collector - package zipkin2.collector
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