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ActuateCollectorMetrics - Class in zipkin2.server.internal
This is a simple metric service that exports the following to the "/metrics" endpoint:
ActuateCollectorMetrics(MeterRegistry) - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.ActuateCollectorMetrics
addViewControllers(ViewControllerRegistry) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.MetricsHealthController
addViewControllers(ViewControllerRegistry) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinServerConfiguration


close() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.brave.TracingStorageComponent
ConditionalOnSelfTracing - Annotation Type in zipkin2.server.internal
This helps solve a number of problems including the following, which sometimes only break in an alpine JRE.
ConditionalOnSelfTracing.SelfTracingCondition - Class in zipkin2.server.internal


embeddedServletContainerFactory(String) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinServerConfiguration
EnableZipkinServer - Annotation Type in zipkin.server
Custom servers are possible, but not supported by the community. Please use our default server build first. If you find something missing, please gitter us about it before making a custom server.

If you decide to make a custom server, you accept responsibility for troubleshooting your build or configuration problems, even if such problems are a reaction to a change made by the OpenZipkin maintainers. In other words, custom servers are possible, but not supported.

EnableZipkinServer - Annotation Type in zipkin2.server.internal


fetchMetricsFromMicrometer() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.MetricsHealthController
forTransport(String) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ActuateCollectorMetrics


getDependencies(long, Long) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinQueryApiV2
getHealth() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.MetricsHealthController
getMatchOutcome(ConditionContext, AnnotatedTypeMetadata) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ConditionalOnSelfTracing.SelfTracingCondition
getServiceNames() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinQueryApiV2
getSpanNames(String) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinQueryApiV2
getTrace(String, WebRequest) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinQueryApiV2
getTraces(String, String, String, Long, Long, Long, Long, int) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinQueryApiV2


incrementBytes(int) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ActuateCollectorMetrics
incrementMessages() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ActuateCollectorMetrics
incrementMessagesDropped() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ActuateCollectorMetrics
incrementSpans(int) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ActuateCollectorMetrics
incrementSpansDropped(int) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ActuateCollectorMetrics
InternalZipkinConfiguration - Class in zipkin2.server.internal
InternalZipkinConfiguration() - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.InternalZipkinConfiguration


main(String[]) - Static method in class zipkin.server.ZipkinServer
meterRegistryCustomizer() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinServerConfiguration
MetricsHealthController - Class in zipkin2.server.internal


notFound() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinQueryApiV2


onApplicationEvent(ApplicationEvent) - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.RegisterZipkinHealthIndicators


RegisterZipkinHealthIndicators - Class in zipkin2.server.internal
Makes sure all zipkin components end up in the /health endpoint.
RegisterZipkinHealthIndicators() - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.RegisterZipkinHealthIndicators


SelfTracingCondition() - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.ConditionalOnSelfTracing.SelfTracingCondition
spanConsumer() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.brave.TracingStorageComponent
spanStore() - Method in class zipkin2.server.internal.brave.TracingStorageComponent


TracingConfiguration - Class in zipkin2.server.internal.brave
TracingConfiguration() - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.brave.TracingConfiguration
TracingHttpHandlerConfiguration - Class in zipkin2.server.internal.brave
TODO: when brave gets undertow tracing by default, switch to that
TracingHttpHandlerConfiguration() - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.brave.TracingHttpHandlerConfiguration
TracingStorageComponent - Class in zipkin2.server.internal.brave
TracingStorageComponent(Tracing, StorageComponent) - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.brave.TracingStorageComponent


zipkin.server - package zipkin.server
zipkin2.server.internal - package zipkin2.server.internal
Classes in this package are considered internal details to Zipkin's server and are unsupported unless integrated with our server build.
zipkin2.server.internal.brave - package zipkin2.server.internal.brave
ZipkinQueryApiV2 - Class in zipkin2.server.internal
ZipkinServer - Class in zipkin.server
ZipkinServer() - Constructor for class zipkin.server.ZipkinServer
ZipkinServerConfiguration - Class in zipkin2.server.internal
ZipkinServerConfiguration() - Constructor for class zipkin2.server.internal.ZipkinServerConfiguration
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